Four Corners Aviation (FCA) is a global Asset Management company that identifies midlife aviation assets for repositioning, lease, repair, upgrade, modification and partout in support of the aftermarket and needs of our customers. Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, FCA also have offices in Brisbane Australia, Taipei Taiwan, Rio De Janeiro Brazil as well as Houston & Ft Lauderdale USA. Additionally, FCA have warehouse facilities in Dallas USA for engine and piece part storage.

Leveraging our worldwide locations and network, FCA evaluate aircraft and engines identified as available for purchase. These assets are acquired through long standing relationships with airlines, leasing companies and OEM’s. Asset repair and restoration and/or partout is coordinated using our established ASA-100 approved in-house and external supply chains.

FCA commenced business in 2014, initially as an engine partout company. Quickly moving into acquisition of whole assets (aircraft and engines) for repair, short term lease, trading as well as continuing with engine partout.

Experienced in the acquisition of both Boeing and Airbus wide and narrow body aircraft and engines, FCA can appraise, negotiate and close quickly on asset purchases. A combined 170+ years of experience in senior levels of aircraft trading and engine maintenance allows us to service our partners and customers with customised solutions, such as engine exchange programs, asset liquidation via managed consignments, asset sourcing or outright purchase. Our goal is maximising returns of aviation assets for our partners and customers!